A Euro Cylinder lock or pin tumbler lock, which was its original description when 1st patented in 1805, is used primarily as a locking medium to operate a lock case with a euro shaped hole.


Mul T Lock BS TS007 3 Star Integrator Euro Cylinde

Price: 110.00 GBP
Before Checkout write your measurment on comment. See 3rd pictures to know how to use measurements for inside and outside. important: it is possible your old lock to have it wrong size on the door. Euro Cylinder need to be fit it where is the face plate handles, in the same line,or bit outside, not tu much inside or to much outside because lose the proper security level of locks. You choose Service for your lock or locks when you order , technician take for you the measurments on site before installation . Mul-T-Locks new TS007 3 Star Integrator cylinder has just landed and is the NEW pumped up version from the old Mul-T-Lock XP cylinder. Included 2 keys The new Mul-T-Lock TS007 3 Star Integrator cylinder comes with a reinforced bar that furthers the cylinders protection and resistance to lock snapping. It's also got 2 grip deflectors that further it's resistance to snapping as they make it difficult for grips to grab the cylinder and attempt to snap. As a bonus the keys are on a protected system so they can't be copied unless you have the code card which is great if you're worried about people copying your keys.

Versa Euro Cylinder Lock

Price: 30.00 GBP
The VERSA euro cylinder is a great product to carry on the van or reduce the number of different cylinders you need to purchase. It has a unique dual brass & nickel finish on the front meaning it can suit both handle finishes. It features 6 pins, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-snap at a competitive price.included 5 keys